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Mushroom spores in solution.

Originally collected and distributed by azure and elfstone!!
A personal friend happened upon a strain of Ps. Mexicana while traveling in Huatla de Jimenez, which he collected within about 200 yards of the former dwelling of Maria Sabina. This strain is a very prolific fruiter and of superior quality. The effects are marked by a deep mental clarity, serenity, and magical quality unlike anything else.” elfstone via shroomery.
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  1. Elfstone

    The Chicon Nindo mexicana strain is quite remarkable in that it is not only highly potent, but has a low body load, particularly compared to the effects typical of the cubensis species, which can easily open up to more heavy, existentially dark terrain. The Chicon Nindo mexicana presents as an inherently friendly, kind, and uplifting spirit which opens the doorway to experiential domains that are unique to it. This species is a very useful adjust to meditation practice. Cultivating awareness of the breath as one moves through the experience opens the heart and mind to full awareness of the soul dimension. This species has the capacity to facilitate a deepening of awareness that is truly transformative and calls forth a creative growth as one begins to live from the level of the soul. Simply following the breath, opening to the deepening of awareness that the spirit in this mushroom engenders, heals the soul and leads one toward living from the depths of one’s true being in the world. You don’t need to go to John Hopkins University and participate in a research project to discover the magical dimensions of the mushroom – just grow this miraculous little species and place it in your life like the shining light that it is. Good luck to you and may Los Santos Niños light your path in life.

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