Pre-Poured Petri Dishes (MEAY)


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4 Pre Poured Petri Dishes. Perfect for beginners or for those who do not have the time or resources to pour their own dishes. These Petri Dishes contain the same MEAY recipe we use in our dishes. Poured in sterile conditions and vacuum sealed to insure contamination free product. Dishes are 100x15mm polystyrene. Mushrooms like a diverse diet so switching between different agar medium is generally thought to be a good idea.
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  1. Jordan Kunkel

    I ordered a spore syringe and these dishes. The package was delivered within a week from order and the package was very discrete. Two of the four plates were cracked/broken and unusable. The package came in a rigid box, so this was clearly the fault of the post office. I sent TSD an email letting them know, and even though we both acknowledge that it was the fault of the post office, they are sending me more plates. I work in a small business, and these transactions are not taken lightly. I hold this company in high regard and rate them 10/10. I will be ordering my supplies with them in the future and will leave a review for the GT syringe!

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