5 Cubensis/Edible Syringes of Your Choice


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Bundle your favorite Psilocybe Cubensis spores with your favorite edible liquid culture syringes.
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  1. xavier

    great product
    speedy shipping
    will use again for spore syringes

  2. krishinwhite

    I recently got the 5 pack of various cinema is. They came fast, and ready for use! Very happy with product at this point! I was in a hurry and inoculated 6 in sterilized jars, they were in the wrong place for my rotation. Within 25 hours had green mold! That was completely user error! Today I inoculated 6 more jars. I am hoping for fast germination and strong, healthy fruits. The experiment at this point is going well with my mycology learning. At this time, the only thing I am disappointed in, is u am a new user, and didn’t get any freebies! Ha! Not everyone is as lucky! I will keep you posted!

  3. John

    The spores were at my house within four days and the people were very proffessional and all of the spores come in great condition. They have a new loyal customer!!

  4. Darrell Rose

    Speedy S/H. Of the five I ordered, only the Koh Samui SS had contamination on the slide. The PC spores had foreign myceliation on it. The remainder were good and clean. Will continue to do business with TSD.

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