10 Cubensis/Edible Syringes of Your Choice


Bundle your favorite Psilocybe Cubensis spores with your favorite edible liquid culture syringes.
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    the spore depot always hooks it up. 10 for 60 AWESOME

  2. None

    Have ordered here multiple times over the course of about 4 years – 10 out of 10 all around

  3. Chris

    I have ordered from Spore Depot for about 4 years now and they have always been top notch!!! The syringes have always been sterile and loaded with spores. As far as I can find this is the best/cheapest deal online and the quality has always been great!! Very fast and discreet shipping.

  4. Michael

    The Golden Teacher and Blue Meanies spores are exceeding my expectations!! Very happy with my choice of thesporedepot as my store of choice! From what I have seen, they are the best of the best!! Have more tests to run on other samples and will keep updating my results… Thank you, one Satisfied customer…

  5. Johnathan

    Great syringes. I allegedly ordered several different types for my friend, with redundancy for each (you know how it goes). He says he’s had success with his first batch. Zero contams too!

  6. walter

    no stars. I would give a star for prompt shipping but do to my absolute dissatisfaction as to how these were packaged is notable. in fact Im very upset by my financial losses. I do not like how the product was boxed. these items were not so much as placed in a bag. syringes laying in a box in protected without the needle on it. adding the needle adds needless work and needles work adds to mistakes. others send them with needle on it. also my bags melted. not my first time i know what im doing. I will not be making further investments into using the items i purchased as in have no faith in the spores. now i have to throw it all away. DO NOT BUY!

  7. hello

    testing testing

  8. Minnette

    I am a VERY satisfied customer………..Out of the 10 syringes…….. EVERY one was a winner! Thank You!……….

  9. L V

    best company for this good staff

  10. Stephen

    FAST FAST FAST. Living in a very hot climate in the summer I saw the package was planning on arriving in only 2 days after ordering so I went ahead and took the day off so I could be here get it from the mail. So happy to see a bonus added for free. Everything looked perfect, nice samples with tons of cells to view under the scope. Could not ask for better service and product appears to be spot on. I am sure I will be buying more as soon as I am finished inspecting these fully and am ready to move on to my next ten. Can’t say enough positive things about this seller. You will be very happy with your order and have a wonderful science experiment on your hands fast.

  11. Atticus

    This is without a doubt the best deal for the best spores online. I have ordered from the Spore Depot probably 10 times over the last 4-5 years and the syringes have always been loaded with spores and more importantly completely sterile and contam free. Fast shipping very discreet and just a great experience all around. I strongly suggest ordering some of the Albino A+ they are completely out of this world and you will be to!! Thanks

  12. atticus2869

    Absolutely best deal online! I have ordered this 10 for $60 deal twice now and both times the shipping was super fast and the syringes were completely sterile and loaded with spores!! If your looking for the best deal online that doesn’t sacrifice quality for cost this is it. I highly recommend the B+ they were excellent and the Albino A+ which in my opinion are the best Cubensis strain overall!! Spore Depot is the only place I will ever buy spores from. Thank You

  13. William Reece

    Very fast shipping everyone came out fine.

  14. yabishh21090

    Don’t know what everyone is talking about? Bunch of people say they order a syringe and get one free. How about $100 order and didn’t get nothing for free. Maybe fake reviews? All 16 of my syringes were just lays my in a box. No baggy or anything. Don’t mean for this to be a BAD review, just a real honest one. I’ll never spend that much on spores again and definitely will shop around before next time and read more reviews besides the ones on the site.

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