Do you sell spore prints?

At this time we do not sell spore prints.

Are there shipping restrictions?

California, Georgia, and Idaho all prohibit the sale of spores. All orders to those states will be cancelled and refunded.

Do you accept mail orders?

Yes. Please make checks and money orders out to “The Spore Depot” and mail to the following address:

  TSD PO Box 182,
  Decatur, IN 46733

What is your return address?

We’re very sorry you need to return a product; we can assure this is a very rare occurrence. Please return products to the following address:

  TSD PO Box 182,
  Decatur, IN 46733

How soon will my order ship?

Your billing invoice will state “ISO Industries”.

Do you store financial information?

We do not process nor store your financial information. All financial transactions are exclusively handled by a third-party company.

Who are billing states from?

We work very hard to get orders shipped the next day. This is not always possible however, you can expect your order to be shipped within 48 hours. Transit time will depend on the shipping method chosen at checkout. Orders are shipped Monday through Friday, and sometimes Saturdays.

Is there a guarantee?

All of our Liquid Mushroom Cultures and Spores are guaranteed to be free of contamination. Should you find your cultures to be nonviable or contaminated, please contact us within 30 Days and we will make arrangements for replacement. Items such as Pre-Poured Petri Dishes and sterilized Grain Spawn Bags are guaranteed sterile upon delivery but not once inoculated.

Why Can’t I see the Spores?

Spores are Microscopic, most often they need to be examined with a microscope. Our syringes always contain enough spores to be seen with the naked eye.

What is the best way to view my Spores?

Spores are best seen at 400X or greater magnification. Place a small amount of spore solution on a glass slide and cover with a slip cover.